Tompkins Square Dog Run

Alphabet City • NYC

Welcome to Tompkins Square Dog Run. We are New York City's first and largest dog run located in NYC's Tompkins Square Park. We use this site to share ideas, offer suggestions, coordinate clean-ups and talk about our dogs.

Gate Sign 1:
You are financially liable for any injury caused by your dog.
Please settle all vet bills with the owner before returning to the run

Gate Sign 2:
Neuter your dog to use the run safely. Unneutered dogs are likely to be attacked or provoke aggression.
(Puppies under 6 months get to keep'em)

Rules Board:

We want you and your dog to have a fun and safe time. By entering this public dog park you agree to be financially responsible for any injury caused by your dog and abide by posted rules. Please do not enter the run if you are not confident of your dog’s ability to interact safely with other people and dogs. 

1.) No dogs without people. No people without dogs
2.) All dogs over 6 months of age must be neutered or spayed
3.) No aggressive dogs
4.) Accompany and monitor your dog in the run at all times
5.) Remain alert! Interrupt rough play and mounting
6.) If your dog gets into a fight or injures another dog, exchange contact information with the other owner and remove your dog from the run
7.) You are legally and financially responsible for any injury caused by your dog
8.) Dogs must be licensed and properly vaccinated
9.) Your dog must wear a collar or harness while in the run
10.) Prong, chain and spike collars are prohibited
11.) Children must be accompanied by an adult and remain seated • Do not use the run if your dog has a communicable disease
12.) Dispose of all dog waste. Prevent digging and excessive barking • No food
13.) No toys except standard size tennis balls
14.) Only dogs 25lbs. and under in the small dog area

These rules are enforceable by Park Enforcement Police

© City Parks Foundation - Tompkins Square Dog Run. The official 501(c)3 community organization for the Tompkins Square Dog Run authorized by NYC Department of Parks & Recreation